Make any tea decaf in no time!

Ever been frustrated that your favorite tea does not come in a decaf version, or that it costs double the price of the regular? Well after reading this article you will be able to turn any regular tea into a decaf tea, without spending even a penny.

In order to decide how we should decaffeinate tea, we should see what the companies producing decaf teas are doing.

Basically, methods could be divided into chemical involved and non chemical methods. The chemical process usually uses as a solvent ethyl acetate, which takes out most of the caffeine, but also lots of the taste and about 70 % of the so valuable polyphenols (one of the main reasons why tea is health beneficial).

On the other hand the non chemical methods (usually using water and carbon dioxide) are gentler to the tea and preserve much more of the flavor and nutrients. Nevertheless you are sure that no hazardous ingredients were added to your drink.

Now that we know how companies make decaf tea, lets see how we can do it on our own at home. First you should prepare the water for the tea at the usual way (using the correspondent quantity and temperature for the type of tea). Second, steep the tea for 45 seconds and discard the liquid. Third, use the tea to steep your now decaf tea. It’s as simple as this! If you don’t like the idea of throwing away anything, then you can use the first brew to water your plants (once it is cooled of course!!)

Congratulations! Now you are ready to brew and serve to your friends your own home made decaf tea.

There are 7 comments for this article:

Posted by: tteeaa
Annie, can you please share why the firs brew is able to take out all or almost all the caffeine. I am just curious.

Posted by: Kleuton
Knokced my socks off with knowledge!

Posted by: Jerry
note that decafe green tea has no nutrients left.

Posted by: Brenda
I now can keep my regular tea without having to give it away... Accidentally purchased....Thank You

Posted by: Lisa
Just read that this process only removes about 20% of the caffeine!, not the 80% they originally thought. Any ideas on that? Have you found newer research. It is definitely LESS caffeine this way. Wish there was a chemical free process that worked really well!

Posted by: Alisha
I bought your Breakfast Blend OneCups at BJs recltney, and I love the flavor. However, I prefer decaf, and so I hope that you will also provide Gorilla Decaf OneCups at Bjs very soon.It is so wonderful to have fair trade coffee at an affordable price.Thanks!

Posted by: Stefanie
For me personally the home decaffeinating does not work because it still doesn't let me sleep at night if I have a cup that is decaffeinated like this. So it can't be 80% removal. I do not like the way tea is decaffeinated with chemicals so I will just stay away from it anytime after noon.

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